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That is a good question

What is Methylation all about?

If you followed the link in the “One year later post”, you would have find an very interesting bit of science.

Simply put, the metylation process is necessary for the body to effectively detox, to prevent harmful build up of toxins in your cells which can cause the cells not to function optimally which then leads to various health conditions.

Over 50% of the global population has a methylation issue, but not everyone has symptoms that effects their daily life.

Why do I think it is important?

To know whether you have the gene mutation will help you find the way for your body to function close to 100%. It will tell you what foods to eat and medicine would work more effectively.

With a person who has Autism it will not cure them, but it will help you to keep them as health as possible – body, mind and soul.

Alex’s results:

Six genes were tested – MTHFR C677T and A1298C,  MTRR, MTR, CBS and COMT.

The MTHFR C677T and A1298C has an impact on his folic acid metabolism (how well the body absorbs and process folic acid or Vitamin B9 (Folate)). Folate is the natural vitamin while folic acid is the synthetic form.

MTRR has an impact on the Vitamin B metabolism.

MTR provides the instruction for making an enzyme called methionine synthase.

CBS this gene is the connection between Methylation and Transsulfuration/ Glutathionine.

COMT this enzyme regulates the levels of stress hormones and hormones form the environment (food).

Crazy stuff?! Right?

Now here is where it gets interesting: MTHFR and MTRR were both homozygous.

Homozygous means from both parents.

CBS and COMT were both heterozygous.

Heterozygous means from only one parent.

Yip, MTHFR gene mutation is genetic.

This is not the full results as the doctor still need to explain what it all means health and lifestyle wise. We will have a meeting with her on the 28th of August.

By cbadmin