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Support Groups:

It will be really beneficial to join a parent support group, this is not just for the “How are you doing?”, but to share experiences and information. The nice thing is you don’t have to explain yourself, the people in your group will understand your situation because they are going through something similar or have gone through it already. Not every child is the same, but everyone struggles in the same areas of influence.

Remember you don’t have to join just one group. Oh, and do the workshops they help you understand better.

“The earlier the teaching starts, the better. The worst thing you can do with a young autistic child is nothing. Letting your child watch TV all day is really bad. If no services are available, you need to get volunteers to work with your child. Grandmothers and college students majoring in education are good sources of volunteers. Use the social networks you have in your church, synagogue, mosque, or community group to locate people.” – Temple Grandin.

I have been following this group for a while – Growth & Grit. They run training for parents and professionals and have an Educare Centre in the Helderberg area. If you are in that area, why not join the Parent Support Group?

Events coming up:

The HEART Programme – Online training course. Running from 28 May 2024 – 6 August 2024, every Tuesday afternoon from 16:00 – 18:00. Cost is R300 per session.

(You can read about the HEART Programme here. They have other training courses too.)

EDU-PLAY Group – Autism Training for Teachers, Facilitators and Tutors. Friday 28 June 2024 at 09:00am. To book send an email to 

CBTASA 2024 Congress – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Association of South Africa 2024 Congress 30 August to 1 September 2024. Click here for details.

Thank you

Thank you to the team from Autism Western Cape for answering all my questions.

Thank you to Nancy Soller, an ex-colleague of mine. She too understands the joys and struggles of being a mom with a child with Autism. Her story is amazing.

Thank you to Sindy Furley from Broad Horizons Academy for her continual support.

Thank you to Deidre and Kathrine from KidStart Plus for their support too.

Also, thank you to my family and friends for understanding.