When we started this journey, it began at the gut. And here we are again.

We had an Organic Acid test done, this the second big test to do after the Methylation Test. Though a stool test can also tell you the health of your gut, an Organic Acid test is a little bit more sensitive to the environments of the body’s biome.

All this test requires is so pee in a cup.

So, instead, of the usual Candida/ Yeast infection like he had last time…

… He has a Bacterial and Mould infection – urrgghh!

Eczema is a result of a gut infection, and Alex had a really back case of it for the last two weeks.

The best course of treatment? Rifaximin and Fluzol.

Then a good gut repair, prebiotics and probiotics, and digestive enzymes.

More on the Organic Acid test and treatment to follow.

By cbadmin