What is it and why do people do it?

This video says it all. Enough said.

Embrace Autistic Stimming | North Wales Autism Conference

This was my speech, "Embrace the Autistic Stim," at the 3rd Annual North Wales Autism Conference. It was such an honour and privilege to be invited to talk about autistic stimming, and the importance of self-regulation and freedom of movement.Sensory Warning: we recommend you listen to this on your speakers NOT headphones if you are auditory sensitive (like me)…the background noise is tinny and makes my teeth vibrate Huge thanks to Willow Caroline Holloway, Angie Atherton and Axia ASD for putting together such an amazing day.If you enjoyed this speech, please consider becoming an Agony Autie Donator by pledging on Patreon or making a contribution to our start up fund :

Posted by Agony Autie on Sunday, 21 October 2018



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