One Year Later and a lot has changed …

We have grown as a family and discovered that Autism is such a big world and one where no one really agrees on anything, but neuro-typical parents are doing their damn hardest to create a world where their child might thrive.

On the health front:

The last stool test in February revealed that Alex’s candida has cleared and his leaky gut has been healed for now, so NO MORE SPECIAL DIET which we struggled to follow because of his eating issues.

It still means that we need to be careful with sugary and gluten foods, but I don’t have to use rice flour anymore – which really sucks. It does not taste nice.

Still using the Melatonin, but added a weighted blanket, which really works – if Alex would sleep in his bed for once.

We stopped using the MB12, Alex did not react well – behavioural changes.

Multi-vitamin and Omegas – I am giving him the Brain Child vitamin and omega. The only one he seems to like. (Changed again, he seemed to have gone off those for now. Jungle Vits and EyeQ omegas) 2018- And yet we have changed again – to GNC’s Multivitamin.

We started the P5P (B6) supplement in January 2017 and must continue for about a year. As of February 2018, we are no longer using the p5p as the Methyl Care had the recommended dosage. 

The Probiotic and Vitamin D I have combined in probiotic drops with Vitamin D3 – Reuterina with VitD. Though the doctor did say that the added D3 to the probiotic might not be enough and that I should still look into giving him a Vitamin D supplement. (So far, Clicks is the only store that sells these.)

The Zinplex syrup we only had to use for 6 months. Must say it does seem to have worked because he has not yet been flu-ish or sick since starting daycare again. As soon as there is the first sign of the sniffles, I would give him Zinplex.

Sort of given up on the meal supplement, because Alex is not such a big fan of them. Though I did see that one of the pharmacies is selling the protein drinks given to people in hospitals that are tube-fed. Might give that a try. Have not yet tried this.

Just because he has an issue with trying new foods and not really eating lots of fruit and vegetables, I have been giving him Solal’s 24-in-1 superfruit and veggies juice with probiotic. It contains Blackcurrent, acai, goji berry, noni, mangosteen, cranberry, Pomella® pomegranate, grape seed extract, lycopene, bilberry, Biolut™ lutein, AstraREAL® astraxanthin, zeaxanthin, blueberry, citrus bioflavonoids, carrots, celery, red beets, spinach, lettuce, onion, parsley, rosemary and lactobacillus cultures. It does have a soy allergy warning though. You can taste the rosemary the most. It is no longer available.

Concerned about his hyperactivity at school and how it was influencing his ability to concentrate, also it was starting to disrupt the class. We spoke to Dr Lindenberg and she prescribed Extension IQ for restlessness. It is a supplement that helps promote clarity of thinking, sharp focus and an excellent memory. It is also given to children with ADHD as a supplement. He is only on half the dosage, so we see how it goes.

(The Extention IQ did not do so well, more it refused to go down. The taste was horrible. And it was discontinued. So we have been trying the Feelgood Health Bright Spark and Focus Formula. He is willing to take. It is also homoeopathic. It contains Scallcap – oohhh)

Remember that the blood test was done last year, we have not really been concentrating on that so much. Fixing the stomach, that was the priority. Well, we are re-looking at the blood test results.

Because of his high levels of Folic aid and B12, the doctor suggested a Methylation Genomic Test for MTHFR or Methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase.

April 2017 – The results are in! And like 50% of the world population and 90% of Autistic people, he has got it too. You can read more about it in the blog series called MTHFR you can start here.

By cbadmin