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Leaky bucket / Food sensitivities

If your CBS cycle is not working properly, think about it as you having a leaky bucket.

Everything you place into the bucket just leaks in to your liver and kidneys to be filtered. But because of the holes in your bucket nothing get filtered properly and this can lead to nutrients, minerals and antioxidant deficiencies. We the reduction in nutrients being absorb, food sensitivities can occur. This can result in leaky gut syndrome and increased issues with your gut.

An CBS issue is responsible for the evelvation of Taurine, ammonia, sulfites and hydrogen sulfide.

An CBS mutation can be a bugger, because no matter how much you change your diet, try to live health and take supplements, the mutation can cause your “good living” to be bad for you. this process can also raise the levels of glutamate which can lead to [simple_tooltip content=’Excitotoxicity is the pathological process where nerve cells are killed or damaged by excessive stimulation of neurotransmitters such as glutamate.’]excitotoxicity[/simple_tooltip].

We know that the gut is involved too, and with the gut working with the adrenal glands, any issues with constantly stimulate the body’s fight or flight system. And with the body being swamped with the gut-based molecules such as high amounts of folic acid/folate created by the CBS upregulation, potent toxins can upset the methylation cycle. This can cause a condition called [simple_tooltip content=’Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome (AFS) is a neuroendocrine condition of the body caused by the adrenal glands’ inability to overcome stress. It is not yet recognized as a treatable condition by mainstream medicine. AFS is characterized by a broad spectrum of non-specific, yet often debilitating symptoms like chronic fatigue, reduced memory and concentration, insomnia, an inability to lose weight, and a compromised immune system.’]Adrenal Fatigue Syndrom[/simple_tooltip].

(no wonder doctors always treat autistic people for anxiety, because they are always in a constant fight/flight mode – always anxious)

In men a CBS mutation can also cause issue with their testosterone.


By cbadmin