Fragile X – the most common genetic cause of Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Having spent the last six years of my life very closely involved with the autism community I often cannot see the wood because of the large forest surrounding me. Let me explain. Out son, John, has moderate ASD – indeed his autism has been described as “classic”. You know the sort of thing all the triad boxes ticked.

Which means that I have often ignored other types of autism and similar conditions on this blog.

Well today I want to rectify this. In this blog post we would like to focus on a condition related to autism called Fragile X Syndrome. They are related in so far as around 50% of children with FXS also have a diagnosis of autism. So I’d like to share the brilliant infographic below. If you could share it on I would be very grateful.

As you may know Fragile X Syndrome which is also known as Martin–Bell syndrome or Escalante’s syndrome is the most common genetic intellectual disability. According to most figures it affect 1 in 4,000 boys and 1 in 6,000 girls. Around 50% of people with FXS will also have a diagnosis of autism. There are also high rates of ADHD within the Fragile X community.

That being said one of the best ways of increasing awareness, acceptance and understanding of a condition is to get people to share their stories. It would be great if people with FXS or their loved ones would consider telling your story in the comment section below. Anything you would like to share will be of great interest but you might like to consider the following question:-

a) Do you have FXS or what is your relationship to a person with Fragile X Syndrome?
b) What were the earliest signs and symptoms of Fragile X Syndrome?
c) What treatments and therapies were used and how effective were they?
d) How many people in your family have Fragile X?
e) What one bit of advice would you give to a family who discovered they were carrying FXS?

Thanks very much for your help and can we ask you to share this blog post and infographic once again?

Fragile X Infographic
Fragile X Inforgraphic by the National Fragile X Foundation – See more at:

By cbadmin