DNAlysis Health/Mind: Part 1 – Lipid Metabolism

Lipid Metabolism:  Cardiovascular Health

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Lipid Metabolism:  Cardiovascular Health

Lipid Metabolism is the breakdown and storage of fats. If the pathway works correctly, the fats coming into the body through our food are broken down into their different components and the “bad cholesterol” is excreted out of the body. But if the pathway does not work correctly and there is a build-up of bad cholesterol, it can lead to clogged arteries, obesity and heart attacks.

Markers looked at: LPL, APOC3, APOE, Pon1 and CETP.

All were neutral except CETP whose gene impact showed beneficial.

What is CETP?

Cholesteryl  Ester Transfer Protein


Detecting cardiovascular disease: CETP plays a role in the metabolising of HDL (good Cholesterol) and mediates the exchange of lipids between lipoproteins, resulting in the uptake of cholesterol by reverse cholesterol transport.

People with a CTP 279 AA results do poorly on statin-type medication.

If you are interested in cholesterol, you can watch a video, here.

DNA Mind 

Apolipoprotein E  (APOE) is a very important protein in the Lipid metabolism pathway.  ApoE plays a role in late-onset Alzheimer’s, A(beta) deposition, Tau phosphorylation and neurofibrillary tangle formation, as well as neuro-inflammation.


VLDL: very low-density lipoprotein.  VLDL cholesterol is a type of blood fat. It’s considered one of the “bad” forms of cholesterol, along with LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Sixty per cent of a VLDL particle is a triglyceride. Normal levels of VLDL for men, women and children under 18yrs should be less than or equal to 30 mg/dL. (https://blog.healthmatters.io/2019/01/02/what-the-heck-is-vldl/)

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