Our Story

Hi, my name is Alex and I was born in August 2012. In February 2016 I was diagnosed with “moderate” Autism.

In the beginning, we met all the developmental milestones on time, some were even a bit ahead of schedule.

There are many misconceptions about the cause of Autism, one of them is that it is caused by vaccination, especially the MMR Vaccine. If that were the case, why are there children who have never been vaccinated with Autism?

If you want to read more on vaccines, click part 1, part 2 and part 3. Just remember the reason the vaccines were created.

Who should be cautious when taking vaccines?

Anyone with an allergy to any of the ingredients in the vaccine, pregnant women, people with weak immune systems, people with family members with vulnerable immune systems, people that has a condition where they bruise or bleed easily, people with TB, people that recently had blood transfusions or other blood products, people that are feeling sick and people that already had a vaccine in the past 4 weeks (system overload).

What Happened Next?

We took him for the mandatory 1-year hearing test, concerned that he did not respond when we called him. His hearing was fine, but we also voiced our concerns about his delay in speech. She encouraged us to make an appointment with a speech pathologist. The Speech pathologist agreed that there is a delay in his speech development and suggested regular sessions. 

We then decided that maybe starting crèche would help with the speech. He attended a small creche down the road. It took some getting used to, but after a month or so he seemed to like going to “school”. The group was small and the teachers were patient. He ate well and we were looking forward to adding new foods. He really enjoyed his lunch box every day, even sometimes the cooked meal they got at the creche.

But by the middle of the year, things were not going so great anymore – he became more withdrawn, preferring to play by himself, he did not want to eat the foods he always ate and he started acting out against the other kids. He also became more frightened by loud noises and too many people, he lined up his toys and rarely made eye contact. And of course, the few words he did not develop any further. But the teachers remained kind and helpful. 

Alex’s home life got turned upside down at the end of that year. 

We had to move. The place we could get was not in the same area as the current creche, so we had to change creche. And Granny and Grandpa had to move away for a while.

Autistic people really don’t like changes; changes to their surroundings, to their routine – change is not good.

It was at the new creche that things came to a point and our journey began………….

Autism can be beautiful…..

  • They pay attention to detail and want things to be done perfectly.
  • Autistic people rarely tell lies. They are therefore reliable and honest. They are open and reliable regarding their intentions as well.
  • They live in the moment. They put everything into what they are busy with at the time.
  • They do not worry about what will happen next or what the consequences may be.
  • They are passionate and will put a lot of energy into what they are doing, especially if they find it motivating. Autistic people are not ruled by social expectations and are less materialistic. They can live their lives to the full, without being too worried about what other people may think or say.
  • They rarely judge others.
  • They often have terrific memories.

… But it can be not so great too

  • lack of understanding of emotions
  • stuck on repetitive schedules
  • cannot understand abstract concepts
  • often speaks off-topic and continuously
  • often socially awkward or rejected by others
  • often bullied by others
  • often shy and reserved when asked to speak with others
  • may have difficulty with motor skills and coordination
  • Prone to depression and anxiety
  • meltdowns, burn-out and self-harm